Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Easier Said than Done: Tragic Fate of New Year's Resolution

As a lady, 'to lose weight' is a typical new year's resolution for me. It was written in many forms; to learn Pilates, to skip 300 times per day, oat for breakfast not nasi lemak, to venture into anorexic world and so on. After eight years of carrying around the extra burden, I finally get rid 20 kilos in two years. How so? I can assure you it was not from all the Pilates diagrams I excitedly drew but never actually did them. 10 kilos were lost when I met an online beau and crushed ridiculously on him/her(?). Who knows.

And another 10 kilos were abolished on 2012. The year I joined the bank. I had this worrisome thought that I would go into rebound as I had accustomed myself to the routine, thus tripping into the comfort zone.

It is decided then. This year will be dedicated on keeping off those pounds away. Oh, and lose those flabby arms and spare tires. And love handles, muffin top bla bla

Yesterday me and Dila went out for dinner with a friend of hers, Yan. It was refreshing, meeting new people. I looked back at my past relationship which went on for a mere two months before Baba put a stop on it. I have to admit I did not try my hardest to stand by my man. I might say I put my parents' priority above me, but secretly I am uncertain on my ability to maintain the relationship. Baba provided an easy way out.

He was a great guy. And I can't help reliving the happy moments we shared.

So to begin the new year with a slight bitter taste at the back of the throat, I doubt I will do anything extravagant. I am contented with what I have now. It is not the happiest, but the steadiest I can achieve. Good enough.

Oh, I better learn sign language to get back at those deaf Safeguards' girls who I believe were mocking me because I forgot to provide pens for them.

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